Hilton Family History

This work is not my work. It is the work of the genealogist Eric William Lamberton who passed away on August 3, 2011. It is presevered here exactly as he presented it in appreciation of his work, and as a memorial to him.

Ancestry of the families of

Helton, Hylton and Hilton

The first recorded mention of the Helton/Hylton/Hilton family (different spellings of the same family name) was at Hartlepool, England when a cross or a pix was presented to St Hilda's monastery in 924 A.D. bearing the arms of Hylton. The family are thought to be of Viking origin from near Oslo in Norway.

The first written record of the family is dated 1166 A.D. when Romanus, Miles de Helton, held three knight's fees,  de veteri feoffamento, in the return of Bishop Hugh de Puiset; witness in the charter of the same Bishop of Durham to Anchtel Bolmer, s.d.. ("de Helton" - "of Helton" - the Anglo Norman spelling "of Hylton"  at Monkwearmouth on the river Wear in North East England)

Alexander de Helton in 1172, is expressly named as a Baron of the Bishopric of Durham in charters of Bishop Hugh, when he made a convention with the Prior of Durham Priory relative to the chapel of Hilton. He was also witness to charters of  Bishop Hugh, with Germanus the Prior, and John Archdeacon 1171-1174, and in the charter of Roger de Kibblesworth in 1180. Alexander married Agnes.

William de Hilton, Baron of the Bishopric who died in 1208, married Benita, daughter and heir of Germanus Tyson, a descendent of Gilbert Tyson, one of the knights who had accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 A.D. who became Lord of Bridlington (Yorkshire) Malton (Yorkshire) and Alnwick (Northumberland).

The marriage of their son, Alexander de Hilton, son and heir, under age in 1208 A.D. Lord or Swine and Swinestead, near Hull put the Hilton family in control of all the major ports on the north east coast of England from Hull on the river Humber to the river Tweed and the border with Scotland.

In 1289, Johannes de Helton, brother of the Baron of the Bishoprick married Agnes in Burton in Warcop, near Appleby, County Westmoreland on the west side of England, and started the Westmoreland branch of the family, many of whose descendents settled in Durham and along the banks of the river Tees

Before the War of Scottish Independence, the Hilton family was one of the most powerful and influential families in the north of England.

In 1403, the Hilton family were involved in the Northern rebellion led by Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, and his son "Hotspur" for control of England between the River Trent and the Scottish Border i.e. middle England. The rebellion was crushed by King Henry IV. The heraldry on the front of Hylton Castle (built 1390-1410), which includes the Bishop of Durham's family arms and Washington coat of arms, denotes the northern families who were involved in the rebellion.

In 1543, the family was involved in another northern rebellion, the "Pilgrimage of Grace", in defense of the dissolution of the Monasteries by King Henry VIII

Sir Thomas Hilton was appointed Governor of Tynemouth Castle, a royal stronghold at the mouth of the river Tyne, under Mary Tudor, known as "Bloody Mary" for her persecution of the protestants.

In 1569, the family fought on the side of Queen Elizabeth I during the "Rising of the North", another northern rebellion, after which the 7th Earl of Northumberland was excecuted.

In 1602, the family lost control of their estates at Hylton through the "wardship" of Henry Hilton who was underage when his father died and , the young Baron of Hilton lived at Billinghurst in Sussex.

In 1621, William Hilton, a descendent of the Hiltons of Hylton Castle, from North Biddick Hall in the "Original" Washington, England sailed on the "Fortune" to rescue the Pilgrims at Plymouth. He stayed in America and became the founding father of what is today New Hampshire. His cousin Edward became one of the founding fathers of what is today the State of Maine USA.

They started the "Great Migration" to America, and Hilton family members are recorded in;

Virginia from 1619

New England from 1621

Bermuda from 1623

Nevis in the Caribbean from 1628

Maryland from 1650

Carolina from 1666

New York from 1686

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Hylton Castle

Hylton Castle
City of Sunderland, England

Hylton Arms

Arms of
of Hylton Castle
Argent, two barrs azure

Arms of Hylton, Westmoreland

Arms of Hylton, Westmoreland
Sable, three annulets and in chief two saltires argent

Hylton Helm

Hylton Helm
Moses head horned