Edgar Fouche 1998 Presentation

This is the video of Edgar Fouche's 1998 presentation at the International UFO Congress. The section of relevance to the crash of F-15B 75-0085 begins at 0:43:49 and ends at 0:48:00.

Update 10-17-2012

Edgar Fouche contacted me, and provided me with copies of documents to prove he was stationed at Nellis AFB at the time this incident accured. He has stated that he knew both Lt. Col. Jacobsen, and Col. Walter. The documents he provided as proof can be found below.

Mr. Fouche stated that Col. Walter was his doctor prior to the crash while he was stationed at Nellis AFB. This can be seen in the "Physical Profile Serial Report" below.

Edgar Fouche Physical Profile Serial Report

Mr. Fouche stated that he was acquainted with Lt. Col. Jacobsen, and conducted briefings with him while involved in the ACEVAL-AIMVAL test program. Below is a copy of Mr. Fouche's "Certificate of Merit" that was awarded to him for his participation in the program.

Edgar Fouche ACEVAL-AIMVAL Certificate of Merit

Mr. Fouche also provided me with a copy of his Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service while stationed at Nellis AFB from 1976 to 1979.

Edgar Fouche Air Force Commendation Medal